About Minding Mittens

Minding Mittens is a fun story which appeals to children, its packed with adorable illustrations, a quiz and a colouring page! It includes information about normal behaviour in cats and ways to prevent behavioural problems. It’s much easier to prevent a problem from occurring rather than fixing it afterwards and this book enables children to do just this!
Apart from being a vet and seeing a lot of behavioural problems in practice, I've also completed a two year Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour (withDistinction), which inspired me to write this book and to help make junior cat owners the BEST cat owners!

Minding Mittens is an ideal present for any cild, whether hey own a cat or not. The information is aimed at children aged 6-10 years old but children younger than this will enjoy the illustrations the colouring page. On the other extrme, we've also had adults (including vet

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